Students donate blood and save lives

Tahj Neely ’18 donates double red blood cell at the blood drive. The blood drive took place on Nov. 8 in room 123.

Sloan Meader, Staff Writer

Nov. 8 student council hosted the Annual Fall Blood Drive.

The event was held in adjoining rooms 121 and 123 with one being check in and one being for the actual donations. The two room setup is working more efficiently this year compared to the side gym let year because kids can’t just skip by.

“If you have the opportunity to give blood to someone else, why not take that opportunity if you are healthy enough to give blood? The school doing this program makes it a lot easier because I would not know how to do this outside of school,” Rylee Matthews, ’19 said.

This year 107 donors registered. By the end of the day a total of 76 units of blood were collected and over 228 lives were potentially saved.