Fashion Forward

Lily Simpson and Payton Blahut

Thomas Nsereko ’22

Nsereko is known around the school for his laid back personality and style. 

He wears his style because of the ease and how comfortable his clothes are. If there are two pieces that are the most important in his look, it would be either his shoes or jacket. “Black,” he said. “Comfortability is key. Few necessities. Like a black shirt, black pants, jacket. I wear a lot of layers too.” 

When comparing his style now to the past, not much has changed. “Black,” he said. “Black pants, white shoes. Pretty much what I wear now.” Black has always been his signature. That is part of the reason why his style is so well known. Because it has been his “thing” for a long time.  Not only is his look simple, but also easy to obtain. He shops at many different places for his clothes. Online and Goodwill,” he said. “Places like Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Ebay.”

Fabiola Castaneda ’21

Castaneda likes to make a statement with her style.

She describes her style as “All over the place honestly, I just really enjoy the preppy look, but then I also really like the Bohemian style and sometimes I like mixing them together, so I’m kinda all over the place,” she said.

When expressing herself she always chooses her pants. “I really like statement pants, like I’m wearing pink right now,  I also have purple, I have printed ones, and ones that I’ve painted on,” she said.

Castaneda’s style has not always been like this, she looks back fondly at the time when she was finding her unique fashion sense “Not cute!” Castaneda said. “No I’m serious, I really think that my style a few years ago was very different to what it is now. I would just wear leggings and a tee-shirt or jeans and a tee-shirt, I was just super generic, but now I feel I’ve tried to elevate my style, I’m still doing the same thing but then making it a little different.”

Shopping for an interesting style can be difficult for many, but for Castaneda she has found it easy to find pieces  “I’d say thrift stores, I get a lot of stuff from Target too, and then there’s stuff at the mall, I work at American Eagle so I get stuff from them too,” she said.