Fire alarm causes chaos


Carly Kinning

Science teacher Chris Siewert directs students off of the street as they evacuate the building.

Carly Kinning, Online Editor-in-chief

At approximately 12:20 p.m., fire alarms went off forcing all students to evacuate the building. Lois Faley, Principal Brent Riessen’s secretary stated that the fire alarms went off due to a student burning popcorn.

The temperature was 27 degrees Fahrenheit and windy. “I wasn’t prepared to be out in the cold without a coat,” senior Emma Kielty said.

The fire alarms went off during lunch, where staff members struggled to make sure all students were accounted for. “It was very chaotic,” Kielty said.

Lunch associates did not leave the building, and began cleaning off tables and trays while other students and staff were outside.