First Date the Musical

Kara Green, Staff Writer

The musical “First Date” first premiered in Seattle and showed during March of 2012. One year later, “First Date” opened on Broadway on July 9, 2013. The show ran for five months on Broadway before closing. The story follows the first date of Aaron (Zachary Levi) and Casey (Krysta Rodriguez) as they bond over a first date. The show continues with misadventures including talk about religion, family life, and past relationships. The show is a heartwarming story and had many good points including the music, performances, and storyline.

The music in “First Date” is extremely creative. Most people have had a similar awkward first date and would not make a musical out of it. The writers were very inventive in their writing of songs such as “In Love With You”, “I’d Order Love”, and “The Things I Never Said”. The music is creative in giving more characters songs even though the main story is based upon only two characters. In the song “In Love With You” Aaron is reminiscing about his ex fiancée (Allison) who left him at the altar. In the song Aaron is singing to Allison about all of the things that he hated about her. Zachary Levi, who sings the song, made the song really come to life. At first the song starts off as a love song to his ex but then transforms into an angry attack. His acting in the scene along with the change of pace and his singing voice bring the song to life. You can not help but think of someone you dated or hate while listening to the vengeful chorus. The music in the show also has a lot of different types of music. The songs range in a good way from slow and nice to loud ballad to upbeat and fun then to jazzy. The musical embraces the theme of a first date well and accentuates it through the well done and catchy music.

Performances are another thing that the musical does very well. This musical, luckily, has many recordings of songs and performances online. The performance takes place in a restaurant for the entirety but does have slight stage changes and time changes. The musical has some songs that are performed with new characters coming in and out while performing. I loved how they used such a small stage and format to enact an entire musical so well.

The final thing that I loved about this musical was the story line. The story line was not easy to follow just by listening to the music but once you knew what was going on, the music added to it. The story follows Aaron and Casey who were set up on a first date by their friends. The date continues with the couple discussing things like religion and their families. Casey has a friend who offers to bail her out several times throughout the musical. The waiter is another character who is introduced and the audience learns about his love life. After overcoming personal struggles together, the couple chooses to go on another date. I loved how the story was so realistic. Besides all of the singing and dancing that took place, the story was something that could have easily happened at any restaurant. The characters were realistic and had believable beliefs and backstories which added to the effect of the story.

Overall the musical was very well done with the music, story, and performances. I strongly encourage going to YouTube and looking up the musical to either listen to or to watch some of the scenes. If the show is playing somewhere I would recommend seeing it as well.