Frozen The Broadway Musical

Photo Provided by Amazon

Photo Provided by Amazon

Jacob Marren, Staff Writer

Beginning as the hit Disney Animated movie. Frozen originally began as a hit animated musical starring Kristen Bell, Broadway Alumni Jonathan Groff, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad. “Frozen the Broadway Musical”however, began as a “broadway-bound” musical beginning in Denver for its off broadway debut as it tested the mold of how to tell the story of its predecessor on stage. Frozen adds a unique spin on its original story while providing more backstory and making the shows story geared towards a more mature audience. Frozen’s soundtrack however, has some of the same songs in the movie but also adding more songs to help gratify the characters motives and journey. Its also fair to mention that

The soundtrack begins with “Vuelie/Let the Sun Shine On” which serves as the prologue of the story. It also replaces the song “Frozen Heart” at the beginning of the movie to serve as its own introduction.”Vuelie” is another song that was featured as the theme for the movie but being replaced by its mashup with the new “Let the Sun Shine On”. One thing I noticed with this musical is that it sets up the characters and their backstory for half of the first act by adding in the songsĀ “Vuelie/Let the Sun Shine On”, “A Little Bit of You”,”Hans of the Southern Isle”, and “Dangerous to Dream”. I find this addition eye opening and refreshing because it helped give more understanding to the characters than the movie. Its also fair to note that they even add more character to Kristoff’s Character later in the with the songs “Krisoff’s Lullaby” and “Reindeer(s) are Better than People” (sung by Jehlani Aladdin).

Another Strength of this album is its ability to add eeriness to part of songs while sounding beautiful. This is especially apparent in Monster (sung by Caissie Levy). To add some background, Monster takes place after Fixer Upper when Kristoff, Anna, Sven and Olaf begin to search for Elsa. While the gang begins to search, Elsa (Levy) is attacked by Hans (John Riddle) and his men. This song helps focus on Elsa’s inner struggle as she has been told to hide her true self which causes her to question her if she is a monster or not. Especially with the Lyrics “A monster, were they right? Has the dark in me finally come to light? Am I a monster full of rage Nowhere to go but on a rampage? Or am I just a monster in a cage?”. These Lyrics spectacularly help intensify that this song is the shows highest moment of dread or anxiety for the characters.

In the end, I believe that this album is a great addition in the genre and does really well at Maturing Frozen while also allowing it to being enjoyed by adults and kids alike.