Gendered clothing is pointless


Natalie Larimer, Staff Writer

Recently, a friend and I went to the mall together. I know, typical teenage girl stuff, but whatever. Now, I’m not one to go to for fashion advice, but I have a grievance about gendered clothing. We were shopping in Hot Topic (because we are so punk rock) and we noticed something. Guy pants sometimes look like girl pants, but they have pockets and standard sizing. So why do we have gendered pants if they’re all the same?

Before you exit out of this tab, hear me out. If one was to wear skinny jeans, one could pick them up from the girls’ section and get really tight and sort of awkward fitting pants. But one could get almost the same pair of pants from the guys section that are less awkward, and they have pockets.

Why do girl pants never have pockets? Was there some dumb rumor that was spread in the jeans factories that girls don’t carry things in pockets or put their hands in them (sometimes it’s cold and pockets are comfortable) so the factory workers stopped sewing on pockets? All of my pants have pockets that are either one inch deep or fake. Why do fake pockets exist? It’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever come across. I have an iPhone 5 and it does not fit in my front pockets at all. I can put it in my back pockets, but then I end up sitting on it. Or it falls out. Why are we being denied pockets?

Also, guy sizing is so much easier than girls. With guys, you just have waist size and length and it’s standard sizing. With girls, we could be size 12 in one store but then go to another and it’s size 7. It’s so annoying. And what do the numbers even mean? 12 inches from fake pocket to fake pocket? They have no meaning and are just slapped on there in some attempt at an organizational system. My mother hates going jeans shopping with me because it never fails to make me mad when the sizing doesn’t make sense and the pockets aren’t real.

It’s not just pants either. I think “bro-tanks” should be unisex. Hot Topic sells girl tanks and “bro-tanks”, and they’re pretty much the same, except girl tanks are slightly fitted. That’s another thing, what’s up with fitted shirts? Why do we buy skintight shirts? They’re uncomfortable and they never fit. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of a shirt? Same goes for see-through shirts. That’s just pointless. Also, t-shirts are t-shirts. None of this “girly-fit” crap. That’s literally just giving us a shirt that doesn’t fit for a higher price.

Plus, guys can wear “girl” clothes too. There shouldn’t be a problem with guys wanting girl jeans or shirts or anything really (none of them have pockets so I’m not sure why they want them but  my point still stands). I mean, I understand that guys probably shouldn’t wear short-shorts, but hey, girls shouldn’t either.

Essentially, gendered clothing sometimes makes sense (what with short-shorts) but with skinny jeans, t-shirts, tanks, and more, what is the point of separate sections for guys and girls? There isn’t one. Girl shorts are essentially denim underwear with fake pockets (those are disgraces to the human race and I might have to write a separate column about those). Guys get all the good clothes. To quote the movie “Christmas Vacation,” “We didn’t do nothing wrong and we still got the shaft!”