Kate Lichter, Online Editor-in-chief

Official Beck site

This was a recommended song from my father who said the lyrics were something to read into, I took the chance on the 2005 song “Girl” by Beck off of the album “Guero”. Though the songs instrumentals create a foot tapping electronica tone, after reading the lyrics I was taken by surprise. The seemingly short but to the point song of three minuets and 30 seconds held lyrics such as, “And I know I’m gonna steal her eye” which could be deemed light-hearted as though he was trying to catch a girls eye that he likes. However the song grows incredibly dark with the lyrics, “She doesn’t even know what’s wrong,  And I know I’m gonna make her die”. Not going to lie I was quite a bit confused after reading them the first time but after scanning a bit more I realized that hey, he was talking about being a serial killer. Besides the off putting and quite disturbing lyrics, “Girl” is actually a catchy track from off his variety of albums. It’s quite disappointing at the amount of confusion about who Beck was back when he won Album of the Year in 2014, a main reason why I’m bringing up his music. So instead of just by passing this musical shifting genius who is every changing his style yet is still able to create memorable music, take a listen to his albums “Morning Phase”,”Guero”, the track “Dreams” and many more. Overall I’d give the song a 4 out of 5 for the outstanding way Beck tricks the mind into believing the song is just a simple tune but holds quite a dark meaning behind it all, but for me that’s also kind of it’s downfall.