Girls Wrestling

Sidny Pohlman, Staff Writer

Johnston High School has always been big on athletics. Last year they won multiple state tournaments in various sports, including girls basketball and boys baseball, but this school year, a new sport is on the rise. 

Wrestling has been one of the fastest growing sports for girls in high school in recent years, and Johnston is taking this opportunity. Recent sanctioning of girls wrestling sparked interest in Johnstons Activities Department, said Melissa Crosse, Johnstons Assistant Activities Director 

“Directors surveyed the students from grades 7-12 to see if students are interested here, and because we did have girls want to wrestle, we decided to have the program,” Crosse said. 

The recent sanctioning gives girls wrestling new representation, they’ll even have their own meets. Johnston Activities Department is optimistic about the future of the sport, and even plans to hopefully compete in a state tournament., 

“… the IGHSAU is optimistic that we have enough interest as a state, that they will be able to hold a successful competition.” Crosse said.

Not only is the athletics department positive, but the girls are too. About 15 girls have shown an interest in the newly administered sport and attended the wrestling clinic. Jasmine Newman ‘22 was one of 15 attendees present at the clinic, “I’m really excited to be a part of something like this…the representation for girls with this sport is really cool” Newman said. The girls are evidently excited for what’s to come and they’re expecting a superior season. Not to mention the success already achieved in officially possessing their own team. The Johnston Highschool Girls Wrestling team anticipates greatness this coming season.