Gordon Ramsay is on TikTok


Parker Anderson

A screenshot of Gordon Ramsay’s TikTok page. Over the past year he has gained a ton of popularity on the app.

Parker Anderson, Staff Writer

A very known and loved chef has finally joined TikTok. Gordon Ramsay, chef and host of cooking show “Hell’s Kitchen” has been a star of the media for a long time, and is known for how aggressive he is towards the contestants on his show.  He is always making people cry along with embarrassing people on how awful their food looks on Twitter.

Ramsay joined on January 7th, 2020 and already has gained 19 million followers. He has also accumulated 275 million likes on the app. His videos average over 13 million views with his most viewed video at 97 million views. His most viewed TikTok is a video of him duetting another TikTok, on how to make an idiot sandwich.

Recently, Ramsay got himself into a bit of a feud on the app. There is a vegan teacher who also makes TikToks and she made an attack song towards him loving meat. Ramsay duetted her with a video of him eating a piece of lettuce to sike everyone out, but then continued on to eat a full burger with the caption, “Beef #burgers were consumed while making this tiktok #ramsayreacts #fyp”.

He has created a few of his own TikToks, in which he does not duet people, but they do not seem as popular as the duets. Another thing that brings attention to him is he will host a challenge for his followers to duet him making some sort of food and he will duet the best ones.

Students enjoy the comedic relief his TikTok’s supply. “I have always been a fan of him,” Bria Cox ’21 said. “He has always been funny, but now it seems easier to find him and laugh at what he has to say.”

More recently TikTok has seen a surge of Ramsay’s videos, as he has been posting almost every other day of this year so far. Most of his TikTok’s are of him duetting other TikTok’s rating food the other TikToker made. Of course, it would not be Gordon Ramsay without him criticizing and yelling at the people of TikTok. When he duets these people, his captions are always about the food being tacky and probably disgusting.

So far, 2021 has been full of Gordon Ramsay TikToks. Continuing through these next 10 months, there is only hope for more crazy videos by him.