Homemade granola bars

Homemade granola bars

Eileen Lagerblade, Design Editor

I had been searching for a quick and filling snack for in between classes that was healthy (ish) and found a recipe for homemade granola bars on Pinterest. Now as you’ll find out I get most of my recipes from online, most of the time Pinterest because Pinterest is awesome, but I always put my own twist on the recipe. I rarely follow it to the T, either I add more or less of an ingredient or even add/take away an ingredient completely. It normally turns out okay (and by okay I mean amazing.)


1 cup peanut butter

1 cup of honey

1 block of chocolate almond bark

3 cups of oatmeal

To make this get out a pot and place it on the stove, then put in one cup of peanut butter into the pot. I prefer to use chunky peanut butter because it is way better than smooth, but I guess you can you whichever you want. Then put in a cup of honey with the peanut butter, I like to use raw honey because it makes the bars gooier. Next throw in one block of chocolate almond bark to add a hint of chocolate taste. I guess if you are one of those type of people (who do not like chocolate) you do not have to use it, but you should love yourself and add chocolate. Next turn your burner to a medium-low temperature and mix the ingredients together while you bring it to a slow boil. For those of you who don’t know what a slow boil is (which I hope you do but I just want to make sure everyone is on the same smartness level as me) it is just a couple of bubbles on the outer edges of the mixture.

If you are capable of multitasking now is your time to shine. You are going to line a pan with tinfoil, it doesn’t matter what size it is all up to how you like your bars. If you like them thin then you should use a large rectangular pan but if you are like me and like them thick then use a small square pan. Periodically check and stir the mixture while it’s on the burner. Once you reach a slow boil turn off the stove and remove the pot from the heat. Then add three cups of rolled oats. I like to use steel cut oats because they make the bars chewier but you can be basic and use classic oats instead. You then pour the three cups of oats into the melted mixture and mix it until all the oats are covered in the gooey deliciousness.

If you weren’t capable of multitasking now is when you should line your pan with tinfoil. From there you fill the pan with the mixture of granola and then press down until it is all almost the same level (you won’t be able to get them perfect because you are not me but try your best). You will then want to refrigerate them for a couple of hours and then remove the granola bars with the tinfoil onto a cutting board.

Warning: if you are immature please get a guardian for this next step! Get a knife and cut them to your preferred size. I like to cut them into about inch squares so it’s just something I can quickly eat but it still fills me up. Then I will fill a Tupperware with the granola bars and freeze them overnight so the next day I can take them to the school so they aren’t super mushy.

Your granola bars will thaw out in a timely manner and become more mushy as days past so keep that in mind.

So that’s my granola bar recipe I would like to say it is pretty good. Just so you know these granola bars start off with a strong peanut butter taste, the honey taste coming into play later and stays with your taste buds. I found the recipe on Pinterest but I added the chocolate to the recipe and choose to use steel cut oats instead.