How to cope and avoid interacting with people

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

Being around people can be fun and entertaining, however everyone has a limit. There are just those days where we just cannot handle people. For me, the majority of my days are considered “those days.” I like to think it is because I have self diagnosed myself as an introvert and being around people just exhausts me. Yet, I think I should also admit I am a grumpy person who does not cope well with loud, obnoxious people. I get frustrated too easily by the actions of others, and things get to me too often. Over time I have learned a few methods I can use to deal with people around me and subdue my madness. Maybe some of these suggestions will help you on your days that are “those days.”

1. If you see someone you do not want to talk to walking toward you, act like you are getting a phone call. I have used this on a few occasions where I am just not mentally prepared to speak to someone, I typically use this early in the day. However do not use it too frequently because that might cause some suspicion, because no one really calls people anymore.

2. Sometimes your friends can just be too loud. You just need to be able to tell them to tone it down a notch. However, always say it politely so you do not upset them. If you are afraid to speak up just walk away and take a second for yourself to calm down, and adjust yourself. Which leads into tip #3.

3. If everyone just gets too overwhelming, try and take a second or two for yourself. If you are at school go to the restroom for a breather. In other situations just attempt to find a quiet, unpopulated area to collect yourself. The majority of the time this is my go to at parties and school functions like Show Chior and Jazz Band Competitions. This helps me reel in the feeling that I need to yell and scream at everyone around me.

4. I also would like to point out that we have this awesome invention of earbuds, just pop them in and you can ignore the world around you. Listen to some music while walking in halls or busy classrooms, when acceptable. Most music will calm you down, and earbuds are an immediate indication you do not want to be talked to. This is a great way, and my most common way, to deal with my peers during school.

5. Lastly, if someone is not directly talking to you, you could try to zone them out. Sometimes this will not work if you are in a group of two to three people and it would be noticed, if this is the case refer back to tip #3. If I am not in the mood to talk, I will do this to avoid snapping at my friends, and upset them because on “those days”, I might not have a filter.

If all else fails, you will probably just have to sit through it, unless you come up with another way out. I know that sucks but there may not be a way out of interacting. It will happen more than once in your life and you will get better at putting on a fake smile and acting pleasent on “those days”. It is a skill that develops as you get older and experience different climates and personalities.