Hulu is better than Netflix


Illustration by Parker Anderson

Hulu gets the crown while Netflix gets crossed out.

Parker Anderson, Staff Writer

At the end of the year, Netflix will be taking off a ton of very popular shows. They do this every year and times throughout the year. I use Netflix to watch shows I have usually already watched before, just to binge again. I am disappointed with the lack of selection of shows as we leave 2020. So, I switched to Hulu.

On Netflix I watched “That 70’s Show,” “Parks & Rec,” “New Girl,” “The Office,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “FRIENDS.” By the end of the year none of those shows will be on anymore. Along with that, none of the Netflix original movies are worth the time they last. The only show I enjoyed that came from Netflix was “Stranger Things,” and who knows when the next season of that will come out.

Hulu also makes original series, but their series are usually more creative and original. I can not judge their movies because I have not watched enough of them to have a solid opinion. They also have a lot more of the popular shows and they do not take shows off the way Netflix does.

Another thing I noticed about Netflix was this one time I watched “The Notebook,” and then two days later I went to search for it again and it was not there. Their system is so weird and messed up. Usually, Netflix makes it easy to access holiday movies by making a specific tab for each holiday. This year I noticed they did not do that, while Hulu did.

Hulu also puts episodes up online as soon as they air for some series. I used to be a really big fan of “The Goldbergs”, and my mom cut the cable because of how little we watched it. I came to notice right away that they would put the episodes on the day after it aired on cable. Netflix could never.

A lot of students prefer Netflix, but some agree with me that Hulu is better. “I feel like Netflix keeps taking the best shows off for no reason,” Ajdin Hasanic ’21 said. “It is really dumb. I also like watching cartoons for nostalgia reasons and Hulu is loaded with cartoons.”

I guess the nice thing about Netflix is that with any of the plans one does not have to deal with any ads. I feel like watching ads on Hulu would still be better than watching crappy Netflix movies and shows.

Along with all of this, Hulu also is way cheaper. College students can get Hulu and Spotify for $4.99 a month. Whereas Netflix can range from $12.99-17.99 a month, without the bonus of Spotify.

Overall, Netflix is becoming more and more of a hassle for me to want to use anymore, and the switch to Hulu was so worth it.