Inspirational flyers to be torn down


Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

There is a rough count of 19 inspirational flyers floating around our hallways, so I went on a witch hunt. They are not Riessen-stamped, and quite honestly they’re a little annoying. Posted in those weird (and not monitored) gray frame things, these flyers say things like “Wrong is wrong even if everybody’s doing it. Right is right even if nobody is doing it.” Not to offend elementary school teachers, but these quotes weird me out.

From Winnie the Pooh quotes to sayings found at teacher supply stores, these flyers plague the building. Sarah Marckmann, the mastermind behind JHS, said that these were Riessen-approved, but for some other reason, he chose not to stamp them.

For some reason, these just bug me. I don’t know who posted them, but they remind me of that one person that’s for some reason in all of your classes who is obnoxiously happy all the time. We are a high school. We need to shut down all of this happiness nonsense. I mean, it’s cute, but I can’t imagine football players reading a sign that tells them they’re beautiful. Maybe we need to move our school in a direction to where that wouldn’t be a weird sight, but I’m not sure that these signs are the way to do that.

These flyers are being taken down today, Oct. 21, because a one Mr. Randy Klein discovered they weren’t Riessen-stamped and is searching for the rest. As of 1:36 p.m., only five have been removed from the walls. View them while you can, for they are to be taken down soon.