Interesting factoids


Natalie Larimer, Staff Writer

This is a (very short) list of things I have collected that I think are the best/most useful tidbits of information I have in my brain.

The Oxford Comma: Oh, wow, is this important. This is the comma that comes after the second-to-last word in a series or list of items such as, “I went to the party with the strippers, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney.” Now, if you don’t have the comma after Barack Obama, you imply that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are strippers.

Germans: In Germany, when they wish to say they don’t care, they say “Das ist mir Wurst” which roughly translates to “This is sausage to me”.

French: Similar to the Germans, the French say “J’ai une crise de foie” which means “I am having a liver crisis” which they use to say they ate too much.

Liechtenstein army story: in 1868 Liechtenstein sent 80 soldiers out to defend some territory. When they came home, they had 81. Actually what happened was they went to defend the Italian mountain pass and nothing happened so they got super bored and started walking home when they befriended an Austrian and returned home with him.

Galactic Cannibalism: The actual scientific term for when a large black hole swallows a smaller black hole.

Spaghettification: Another actual scientific term used to describe the effect of something getting super stretched out when going through a black hole. NASA has fun with naming stuff.

Insert Button: Don’t you hate it when you type a whole equation out only to realize you forgot a decimal point? Well, hover your cursor thing on your calculator over the number after where you want the decimal and then click 2nd DEL. This is the insert button. Now click on whatever you want in there. Just hit an arrow key to get off insert.

LGBTQ+ (actually LGBPTTQQIIAA+): L for Lesbian, G for Gay, B for Bisexual, P for Pansexual, T for Transgender, T for Transsexual, Q for Queer, Q for Questioning, I for Intergender, I for Intersex, A for Asexual, and A for Ally. There are more (hence the +) but these are the “common” terms. If you don’t know the meanings of these terms, please look them up for I can’t explain all 12 of them right now.

Western Schism: In 1378, three men (Gregory XII, Benedict XIII, and Alexander V) declared themselves pope all at once. Obviously, you can’t have three popes, so Gregory voluntarily stepped down and the Council of Constance had to remove the other two because they refused to step down voluntarily and instead tried to excommunicate each other.

Stealing Lincoln’s Body: There is an entire documentary called “Stealing Lincoln’s Body” about how there was a plot afoot created by crime boss James “Big Jim” Kennally to steal Lincoln’s body and bury it in the Indiana Dunes along Lake Michigan and hold it for ransom in exchange for his buddy, Benjamin Boyd, to be released from prison. The whole story is quite bizarre.

I before E: I before E except after c or if you run a feisty heist on your weird beige foreign neighbor with caffeine-strung atheists reinventing protein at their leisure, though they may be asked to forfeit for seizing the plebeians (ancient Romans).