Iowa’s freak snowstorms suck

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Editor-in-Chief

There is apparently another Snow-pocalypse on its way to Iowa. Snow is a no stranger for those who live in Iowa. When it snows we know how to deal with it whether it be in October or February. However, it’s getting old.

Waking up at 4 a.m. because it snowed and the driveway needs shoveled is not the greatest experience in the world. Shoveling is cold, tiring and overall frustrating. My family and I have tried snowblowers and other ideas however we always somehow end up with shovels in our hands.

Driving in the snow is also not the best idea however Iowans know how to relatively well. There will be crashes here and there. For example, the pile ups on the interstate are pretty horrible but they could be worse. Sliding around the road while going 15 miles per hour is scary for sure. If it is snowing though, I would rather be driving in Iowa than in Colorado.

It is an on going joke across the nation that Iowa’s weather is unpredictable especially with global warming which is a whole other argument. Iowans have come to expect the unexpected which is overall a great life skill to have. We are better prepared for the possible situations that could happen.

I am over everything that comes with snow. The cold, wet air while having to scrape my driveway clean only to drive on roads that are still covered. It is bad but Iowa is the only place I want to be if I get stuck with snow.

I have lived here since I was born and know the area well. I know what to expect from the plows, I know what roads are worst and when. I can get myself to a safe place if something were to happen. If I was somewhere else I would be able to figure it out but not as quickly and easily. I feel more comfortable with snow in Iowa.

I do understand the positive aspects have as well. Snow is great for fun. Sledding, snowboarding, skiing, iceskating all comes along when it snows. Iowa has designated spots for all these activities with real snow. For example the Waveland Golf Course is open for sledding and skiing. With the hills and paths on that course I can imagine it is a thrill. There are other states that have these types of things as well however I feel like it is not as low key as Iowa keeps it.

No matter how much I dislike shoveling my driveway and dealing with snow in Iowa, I can not imagine dealing with it any where else. There are great things that come along with the crazy weather we have and growing up here has taught me a lot of skills to survive in wild situations that deal with weather.