iPad distribution fiasco and other upsetting things


Natalie Larimer, Staff Writer

Seniors were scheduled to get their iPads last night and it did not go as planned. First off, only a handful of us got iPads. Now, I’m not sure the exact reason why nothing was working, but I have a few things that added up to this mess.

First off, how do people not know their Apple IDs? It’s just your email and a password you create to go with it, which is most likely the password you use for everything. I don’t think it’s that difficult. But hey, whatever. I forget my only password all the time, so who am I to judge?

Secondly, our pass codes for our school emails are on Infinite Campus under the “Network UN/PW” tab. You’ve been using Infinite Campus for years now, so you should be able to figure out the username and password for that (your password is literally your birthday). Since nearly everybody has a smart phone, it shouldn’t be a huge problem to access your passcode.

So because we didn’t have our Apple IDs or pass codes, we couldn’t do pretty much anything for setup. However, it’s not all our fault. Something happened and almost none of us had those white apps that connect us to Moodle or JDragonmail (I don’t know about you, but I just put those in a folder on a different screen so I don’t have to deal with them). Most of us were also connected to the profile “JCSD Violation”, which doesn’t sound good. Needless to say, I was not issued an iPad.

Because I was in group B, I had to go to the presentation of Mr. Riessen and Mrs. Guthrie after I didn’t get my iPad. In said presentation, they reminded us of our DRAGONness (Driven, Responsible, Accountable, Goal-Oriented, Organized, and Needed – in case you were unaware) and then explained what a deadline is. Maybe it’s just me, but if you are a high school student who doesn’t know what a deadline is, you probably shouldn’t be in high school.

All in all, I had a super fun evening* at the iPad meeting. Oh and just to sweeten my day farther**, I got home only to find out that Robin Williams had died. RIP Mrs. Doubtfire, you will be missed.

*Sarcasm heavily applied.

**Of course I’m being sarcastic here. Why would that sweeten my day?