iPads to be evaluated this winter


Matthew Berry

Students work on their assignments for class over the iPads.

Matthew Berry, Staff Writer

As the high school closes in on the third year with the iPads, new decisions about the plan for the iPads are in the near future. Such decisions will be made soon, in the early months of 2015.

Technology coordinator Ann Wiley said that after three years, the iPads need to be evaluated. “We always knew on year three we would evaluate the programs impact on learning and the device itself,” Wiley said. She said a decision will be made later this year if the school will continue to have them.

Other options the administrators have thought of are similar to those of other schools. English teacher Jeremy Fitzpatrick came to the high school from Winterset this year. Winterset has a 1:1 technology program, which gives Macbooks to each student. “It was a standard Macbook Pro, they created a package that had Microsoft Office, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari,” Fitzpatrick said. “They did not as many specific apps, but students had access to the Internet whenever they were at home or school, so anything you needed to find or do, you could.”

Fitzpatrick said that the iPads have many advantages over the Macbooks. The positives include more space, control and battery life. “One of the things I like about the iPads was the variety and different styles of apps,” Fitzpatrick said. “You could find an app for just about anything.”

Some students also have there own opinions on what they think of, and what should happen to the iPads. Senior Zach Hauser is unsure what he thinks of the iPads. “It was a good idea, but unless we regulate what they want, there will still be procrastinating,” Hauser said. He said that he would prefer a windows tablet over the iPads.

Sophomore Bobby Bailey has a different opinion on the iPads. “I like them, they are a good education tool,” Bailey said. “A lot of people end up slacking because there is technology in front of them, but for the most part they are used for what they’re intended for.” Bailey also said that he would be okay with the iPads staying, but he would also like to see an Android tablet.

Though there has been talk amongst administrators and students, according to Wiley no one knows what will happen after this year. Wiley said that the evaluation that will take place this winter will decide the future of the iPads.