Issues In The Johnston Parking Lot

Anna Catlett, Staff Writer

Trying to navigate the Johnston High School parking lot is like fighting in a warzone. Whether you’re struggling to park while simultaneously dodging the car charging at you from the wrong lane, or stuck in a never ending line, the parking lot is a battle.

 Students have had multiple complaints about the JHS parking lot. The most common complaints are lanes not being wide enough, not enough parking, the long lines, and bad fellow drivers. 

“I would love[the lanes] to be wider, I feel like sometimes it’s a little narrow for the amount of cars to be coming from both directions,” Grace Condon ‘25 said.

Navigating the parking lot with all the cars in a small space can be hard, especially when multiple drivers are in the wrong lane, or not in a lane at all. Making wider lanes would make it easier to drive in the parking lot and prevent accidents. 

Another problem is the lack of parking spaces. “I would like more parking spaces because it feels like there is not enough room and you have to park down near the stadium,” Condon said.Students who aren’t able to get to school early have to park in the farthest lot from the school. Sometimes being late to class because of the long walk to the entrance.

Along with the other issues, after the school day student drivers get stuck in long lines waiting to exit. Since we have 919 students driving to school, these lines are very chaotic. “If I don’t absolutely rush out to my car after school every day, and instantly start driving I get stuck in a 15 to 20 minute wait just trying to get out,” Kennedy Dostal ‘25 said. These lines are very inconvenient because multiple students have after school activities. The traffic could cause them to be late.

The narrow lanes, lack of parking spaces and long lines are all worsened by inadequate attention from students. When using the school parking lot please remember to be cautious, take turns, stay in one lane, and pay attention.