Andrea Lastro

Jack Gruening

“It started about a year ago that my parents had a divorce. They were having arguments, so my mom moved out of the house and into an apartment, leaving me with my dad. I still visited her whenever I had the chance to and eventually she came back to the house and my dad moved out this summer which made it harder. I started to slowly adjust to it because I had distractions like music and school that kept me pretty busy. I came up with the idea to have everyone get together for dinner every now and then but I started to see my parents as two separate people instead of a duo. That idea started when my dad’s side of the family cut off completely from my mom, which was a bit harder because I was closer to my dad’s side of the family. At this point I kind of expected it because even though they were high school sweethearts, I could tell that they had a lack of interest in each other. I’m more accepting of the situation, more understanding of it. I think It will be better for everyone in the long run.”

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