Women’s Basketball Picks Up a Very Talented Transfer


Aiden Droge

Jada Gyamfi ’22 handles the ball during a club basketball game.

Nathan Anderson, Staff Writer

The women’s basketball team has added another playmaker in, Jada Gyamfi ’22, a transfer from Urbandale. Johnston won the state championship last year in women’s basketball, but arguably the two best players on the team graduated and are now playing in college. Gyamfi averaged over 11 points per game last year as a sophomore at Urbandale, while also proving her versatility by snagging over 6 rebounds per game as well. At 6’2″, she possesses great height and athleticism on the court, and has used that against high competition. “I think my size will be really good for the team, along with my experience,” Gyamfi said. “I’ve played against really good players so that’s helped me develop more skill.”

College scouts have seen good things too, as Gyamfi is currently committed to take the court for Iowa at the next level. Coronavirus has had an impact on nearly everything this year, and recruiting is no exception. Gyamfi felt rushed as an effect of the pandemic. “I wasn’t going to make my decision until senior year, so making it at the end of sophomore year was not as planned.” she said. “You kind of have to lock in your spot… I’m happy and excited though, and I’m glad it happened the way it did.”

While at Urbandale, Gyamfi never beat Johnston.  “It’s a really great team, personally I’ve never beat Johnston…Obviously they’re doing something right, state champions last year,” Gyamfi said. Gyamfi also notes the benefits of playing for such a successful program. “Really great girls, really great coach. I think they’re gonna prepare me well for college.”

NBA fans might be reminded of NBA all-time great Kevin Durant’s controversial decision to play for the warriors in 2016, one year removed from the Warrior’s 2015 title run. Students and fans can only hope for similar results, as the ensuing two-year streak of dominance left the Warriors with two more NBA titles. “State championship is always the goal… I think the only thing that could possibly stop us is staying safe and healthy,” Gyamfi said. “We have the deepest team in the state… a ton of talented and young players… We’re in a good position in that if one or two players have to quarantine, we’d still be able to score and produce.”