Judgement is Embedded in Society

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Editor-in-Chief

Society has created and fostered a culture of judgement. Judging creates things like stereotypes and overall can have positive and negative affects on anything and everything.

Recently I found out something about someone I consider a mentor and have always looked up to and it made me see them in a different way. I do not know specifics or the full story I just know a partial part of the action that took place, however my opinion of them was greatly influenced by learning this information. I want to think the reason my view changed was due to the culture that society has created that allows for people to judge first and ask questions later.

I blame myself for partaking in the “guilty until proven innocent” thinking, however I also partially blame the culture my generation and I have grown up in. Most of my generation has unrestricted access to the internet which ranges from social media to news. With that unrestricted access has come something called, Cancelled Culture.

Whether it be on Twitter or Instagram or any other social media sites it is easy to find someone or something that has been “cancelled.” A lot of these situations are not proven entirely accurate but yet people still chose to be harsh and cancel them. In some instances cancelled culture has caused a lot of people to lose their jobs, credibility and influence. Maybe sometimes it is deserved but again, we were not there, we do not have the details. There are always three sides to a story my side, their side and the truth, as many have said.

Cancelled Culture is slipping out of the virtual world however, and I  am see it affecting our community. It does not surprise me that this has happened as those born as a Generation Z have grown up as cancelled culture gained more power and influence.

Overall, judgment is infringing on every choice and decision that we make. We do it subconsciously. I think we need to take it upon ourselves to change it.

We need to stop cancelled culture, we need to give people the chance to defend themselves. I know that in the future I do not want to be judged or cancelled, and I am sure others do not as well. We need to change our minds back to “innocent until proven guilty” mindset.