Julie Srail ’18 inserts her plastic foot brace so she is able to run without pain.

Julie Srail

“I started cross country sophomore year, and I had a little bit of pain then, but it wasn’t bad. I went back junior year and I could manage it, but this year track season was awful. At the beginning of the year I had to go to a physical therapist, and had to stop running which was horrible. We started to do a lot of stretching to try and get everything loosened up, and that helped for a couple weeks, but about three weeks in, the head lady did my appointment. She was looking at my feet and told me I had Morton’s Toe, which is basically where the first knuckle of you big toe is behind all the knuckles of your little toes, like a hand. Obviously my foot doesn’t look like a hand, but you get the point. This problem that no one could see, that I’ve been struggling with for so long, and could cause stress fractures, actually has a cause, and it can be fixed. I just put plastic pieces that she molded to my feet in my shoes, and it helps correct the way that my foot is built so my leg isn’t collapsing all the time.”

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