Kids need to shape up or shut up


Cartoon drawn by Kennedy Stone.

Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

Before school began in August, the teachers participated in a training called “Capturing Kids’ Hearts”, that would hopefully make the school environment more welcoming. They met from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in small groups to get to know each other and learn how to interact with students on a more personal level.

I’m aware most kids try to have as little interaction with teachers as possible, which is why some kids are so bent out of shape whenever they come to school. Many teachers have started shaking our hands, putting together social contracts, or going out of their way to say hello to us. All because of the training the teachers went through in August.

Chris Wilson, student well being coordinator advocated for bringing this program to the high school to help teachers and eventually students. “I would like there to be a semester long class for the students as an elective,” Wilson said.

Having a class that is similar to what the teachers learned could be great. Especially as an elective, because the kids who actually care about making school less stressful can do something without the cynical eyes of all the other students surrounding them. School could become less of a hassle but only if students decide to cooperate. It is important to keep learning about how to act in a social environment. Even if getting a class or a program for the students is not something we could afford to do, the only option would still be for kids to start cooperating. So far this year all I have heard is kids complaining about classes they decided to take, and scream and holler down the hallways. So, we are not off to a good start.

Language arts teacher Kristen Gidel found her opinions on the trainings changing rapidly after the first few days of school “I initally felt like it was a really good reset for a lot of us, because I got to talk with staff members I don’t get to see a lot.” she said. “It was nice for us to interact with each other before the business of the school year.”

After a couple weeks, Gidel found herself looking at the trainings from a different perspective. “I’ve really tried to spend more time focusing on (the) students before the curriculum,” Gidel said. “In the past I would kind of jump in and figured we would get to know each other as we go. Now I’ve realized based on what they talked to us about, it’s about getting the culture going in your class first,” Gidel viewed the trainings as necessary to complete before the curriculum began.

The behaviors the teachers have started show us that they are willing to make an effort to improve the school. They shake our hands as we enter the school sometimes. They shake hands as we enter our classes.  Yet, the kids either refuse to respond or do not think they are being sincere. I would like to believe students are not that lazy and selfish. Even though the practices the teachers have been using are working for them, most kids are still as rude as they usually are. I my advisory, everyone just sits there insulting each other and ignoring the activities we are supposed to be doing, then complain when we have to move things to next week because they refused to do it before.  Everyone gets so mad about doing social contracts and other activities that are supposed to show that we can at least act like mature young adults but then they don’t act like mature adults. Even then other kids might disagree. “It seems like the kids are more respectful.” Alexis Wolter, ’18 said.”They seem to respect the teacher more, or respect each other more. It just seems like a more cohesive learning environment,”

Although some may think that others are cleaning up their acts many students still are not getting the picture and are still rude in other situations. There is always room for improvement. Imagine how much better things would be if kids put an equal amount of into this as the teachers do. If students decided to get off their phones and talk about something other than themselves school could be a lot more enjoyable. Many students will not be up for this, especially seniors since they will not be here next year. Although seniors are the ones who are the most guilty of the tiresome negativity. If a majority of kids did not act like self-centered little brats all the time we would not be needing to do these programs in the first place. I’m not asking you people to throw rose petals where ever you go, and if you are not comfortable with something like shaking hands, just say so. I just think we should actually try to have fun while still being polite and respectful. No matter if you have one year left or not.