Kubo and the Two Strings simple yet exciting


Kubo and the Two Strings premiered August16, 2016. It features a young boy, Kubo, who must find his father’s armor to defeat a vengeful spirit.

Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

This summer a new stop-motion animated film was released from Laika Studios on August 19th. The trailers for this movie were surprisingly vague and different from other animated movies. Which for some, made the movie more intriguing. While “Kubo and the Two Strings” was not perfect, it was still an enjoyable film that reminded me why I like storytelling in the first place.

The plot is about our young protagonist Kubo. Who has magnificent powers with origami and his magic instrument. When Kubo finds out that dark forces from his past are after him and his powers, he must go on a quest to find his father’s armor so he can protect himself and the people of his village.

For such a simple plot, this movie had my attention the whole time. The story throws in twists left and right that always keep you thinking. The characters were so well developed and funny that I was never bored. You get to see all the ups and downs of Kubo’s life before he became a hero. So, it’s easy to feel connected to him because we get a good introduction to him as a person and not just a movie character. Even the side characters had their moments, like with Monkey.  Not to mention the nice fight scenes and the stunning music.

The visuals were some of the best stop-motion I’ve seen since Laika’s movie “Coraline,” and I would love to see more of  how they made the movie. Even the background characters would have nice little details that made them memorable. That goes double for the main characters.

The only thing that bothered me or that I thought could’ve been done better is the final battle/villain. The other fight scenes and other antagonists and villains were much more interesting. Even then, the ending was still pretty nice and sends a good message of unity and the power of memories.

I myself was very excited for this movie because this was one of the few animated movies that really peaked my interest so far this year. When all is said and done, “Kubo and the two strings” is an intense but fun story that keeps you on your toes at all times. I really enjoyed myself while watching it. So, this movie gets an 8.5 out of 10 for me. As of lately, animated films have had the expectation to look innocent, but have a deep complex plot and meaning. This movie however, is a breath of fresh air with its simplicity, and captures the essence and joy of storytelling that entertainment might have lost a long time ago.