Lanyard ‘laws’ toughen for second semester


Esmeralda Flores

This is a representation of students’ parking tags being revoked by administration.

Esmeralda Flores, Staff Writer

Everyone has been hearing different rumors about various lanyard policies, but what the student body is not aware of is the thought and planning that goes into these policies. In regard to the lanyards teachers Dave Oldham, Thomas Griffin and associate principal Randy Klein are the three faculty members in the building that make up the new lanyard committee that has formed this year. Their goal is to make sure that the students are safe by wearing their lanyards.

“It was started because we had met several meetings as a staff,” Oldham said. “One thing that we thought what needed to be addressed was the inconsistence, unfortunate wearing of lanyards.”

The lanyard committee met and discussed different ways to encourage students to wear their lanyards, and came up with what the rules and consequences should be. They then had a meeting with the Student Council in search of feedback, to learn what they had in mind for the new lanyard policies.

“It started off with them telling us what the punishments were going to be second semester like parking tags being taken away, Saturday school, that kind of stuff,” Student Council member junior Lauren McDowell said. “They basically told us what was going to be happening and then asked for our feedback.”

Klein was unable to attend the meeting, however, Griffin and Oldham filled him in on what was discussed. “I know that they went to discuss the policy and what that looks like and just trying to incorporate more safety, and security in our school, that’s been the big push with that,” he said.

The lanyard committee has a few possible consequences to those who do not wear their lanyards, and the earliest that this will start is second semester.

“Possible consequences are, parking pass being revoked for a week, Saturday school, and in extreme cases, parent administrations conferences and suspension,” Oldham said. “I want to make it clear that those are not set in stone yet, but those are the three big consequences that we are looking at.”

A big topic that seems to come up between the lanyard committee and Student Council was the fitness center doors and possibly having those open first and second period for those students who have late arrival.

“I think that we are willing to figure out ways at least through the periods where we have kids still out like late arrivals with seniors,” Klein said. “We will be certainty also to be able to make sure to have eyes on those people entering the building at those locations.”