Lehman takes out Oldham’s stitches


Shabana Gupta

Anatomy teacher Jennifer Lehman removes Chemistry teacher Dave Oldham’s stitches. Lehman started her class on a test before leaving the classroom to entertain Oldham’s AP Chemistry students.

Shabana Gupta, Staff Writer

During a short game of basketball after school with some students, science teacher Dave Oldham got a small injury above his left eye. He was hit in the face by a student’s wrist, which caused large amounts of bleeding due to being a head injury. Oldham received six stitches.

While Oldham was talking to science teacher Jennifer Lehman a few days ago, Lehman volunteered to take out his stitches and save a trip to the doctor. “Why waste time going to a doctor for a three minute procedure?” Lehman said. “I took out my own stitches a few years ago because I had seen my mother take out some of mine when I was a child.”

Lehman had stitches a total of three times in her life. She enjoys operating on people that have minor injuries and don’t require a doctor visit. “It’s why I love teaching human anatomy and doing dissections in class,” Lehman said.