Library Uses


Paul Heggen

Johnston School Library Having there common day of checking out books to students

Paul Heggen, Staff Writer

Sometimes the library is needed in a student’s daily routine to get work done, whether it be to get a book or use the computers. These routines could be for assignment, project, work session or any of the above. The fact is, when the library is needed, not everyone knows how to get the most they can out of it. There was a lack of information that was presented to the students who were not familiar with the library who need to go to the library but did not know what was available.

At the library, students can get more than the standard book. There are also magazines, which according to librarian Ruth Thoreson it is odd that the magazine is not a more of a popular choice of a thing to check out. Because it was a non-fiction piece of writing that goes on a in-depth tangent. If magazines are not appealing, then there is also an assortment of books to choose from. All these books can be looked up and viewed by students, using the library app on their iPad. If the iPad is not the preferred choice, the school computers are open to students, as long as they are not already in use by a class and the librarian is present to supervise.

“Laptops are sadly not on the menu for checkout ” Thoreson said. The Johnston Public Library will now be doing a co-op with the high school library to bring new features to the school, including a broadened book selection, an iPad option of reading, and shared resources to improve the overall quality of the library. The library can be accessed from 7:30 in the morning until school ends. This gives students enough time to get all their school work done during the school day.