Edin Sehic

Lizzie Boeschen

“I’ve always loved music, its just kinda a stereotype that four-year old girls go do ballet, but I did that for four years, and I decided that ballets sucks because theres too many rules. I wanted something where I could just, move. So, I took jazz, but that didn’t jive well with me either. I tried hip-hop but then I foundĀ I was way too white for hip-hop. By that point I decided on modern dance, and it’s stunning. I’ve known my current instructor for about ten years now, so I’ve learned from how not only how to move creatively, but how to move safely as well. I have a joke that I’m allergic to the left side of my body because whenever my instructor asks me to reverse a dance (right to left rather than left to right) I just kinda can’t because I’m just too right-side dominant.”

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