Long Car Rides

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

My family does not do much traveling. We are all really busy and it is hard to find the time to go anywhere. However when we do, we typically drive.

For example, right now I am on my way to Washington D.C in a car. The ride is 16 hours long. I am cooped up with my two sisters, my mom and our dog. I have had to learn how to be creative so I do not get bored.

I obviously do typical things like download movies and shows off of Netflix or Amazon Prime but I can only watch that stuff for so long. I am an avid reader so wherever I go I have more than one book with me, and that keeps me occupied for awhile. I also sleep for a decent amount of time. For whatever reason sleeping in cars is really easy for me, so easy that sometimes it is hard to stay awake.

When I was little, I never did any of that stuff. What kept me busy was little games that my parents or sisters made up or classics like I Spy. Sometimes we still play them if we are all really bored. For example, we have a game called the fifty states of plates where we try to find a plate from each state. We have not finished it very often because you very rarely see a car from Hawaii on the highway.

Sometimes I do feel like I am at a disadvantage because I have not been on a plane in over ten years. If someone were to drop me at the airport by myself and expect me to get somewhere I would have no idea where to start. In class last year, a lot of teachers compared some lessons and stuff to things in the airport and I was at a loss.

Traveling by car has given me the chance to see things we would not normally see, however. I have had many unique experiences due to always traveling by car and I do not regret that we do it. I just wish that it was in a large seven seat SUV compared to the small five seat car my mom drives.