Love So Soft

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Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

For the most part, pop music is criticized for sounding the same. As much as fans try to defend pop music, this can be true for a lot of artists in the genre. Although this may be true, there are always people like Kelly Clarkson, to go against the grain. On the album “Meaning of Life”, Kelly Clarkson shows a wonderful mix of genres, and makes an easily accessible song for everyone with the song “Love so Soft”.

The combination of pop and jazz here make the song very memorable, considering the time it was released. Which not only appeals to more people, but in this case turns the usual structure of a song upside down. Most songs in the past usually have slow verses, and a faster, high energy chorus. While this song slows down the chorus, without letting it drag, or making the verses feel choppy. Which other songs of this type seem to have issues with. There is also some intersting progression with the horns, and the base line. Because the progression gets lower and the vocals stay relatively on top, the song gets an unique feeling of dominance, and lightness at the same time. Which is perfect for the message of the song.

Speaking honestly, this still is not the most original love song. The lyrics are playful, but seem to go beyond that. I have no understanding of the relationship, other than it’s “soft”. It’s a little disappointing, but the function of the song is not to be a deep, and meaningful type of love song. Having both meaning, and a killer beat would have been nice, though.

Even if the lyrics are not that in depth, unfortunately, there is a bigger problem the song has. Choruses in modern music are extremely important, and the work put into the chorus in this case is definitely commendable. Yet, the work can be wasted if the chorus is the only interesting part of the piece. There is still a great use of different genres, rythyms, and vocals but these aspects only shine in the chorus. The verses are structurally sound, but very predictable.

Overall, this song is still very likable for its sense of style, and bold presentation. A nice entry, but it still has some issues that can keep a music fan from fully enjoying it. For these reasons, I give this song a 3.6 out of 5. Regardless, it is nice to see Kelly Clarkson back on the music scene.