Lunch Staff

Ike Venter, Staff Writer

  • Liz Meeley

Liz Meeley has been dishing out food at JHS for three years. In her free time she likes reading, cooking, walking her dog and making Mexican food for her family.

“I love nachos. I would eat nachos like five days out of the week, but my sons prefer burritos and they love breakfast burritos,” Meeley said. 

She has two cats, a dog and four chickens. When asked if fresh eggs are better, Meeley replied, “Oh yes! And they’re huge!”

In the cafeteria, however, she loves serving students new foods.

“It’s always fun to serve [students] something new because then you have to kinda have to gauge; are they gonna enjoy it? Are they not?… I just like them to enjoy what they’re eating,” Meeley said.

Meeley’s favorite thing to make for students are salads. The kitchen is always getting fresh ingredients to throw together to make a plethora of healthy options for students to enjoy.


Boe Stoebner

 Boe Stoebner supervises the kitchen at JHS. He has looked over the cafeteria since 2006. When Stoebner isn’t at JHS he likes to be outdoors.

“I like to run, bike, hike and adventure,” Stoebner said.

Stoebner is the adventurous type, even going so far to step out of societal norms in his personal kitchen.

“I like to make breakfast for dinner. Bacon and waffles is probably my favorite meal to make,” Stoebner said.

His favorite meal to prepare and serve to students are dumplings and when asked about his favorite part of being on the lunch team, Stoebner replied, “You guys! [Students] You just keep a youthful energy in the building that I really appreciate. I came from the restaurant industry where I served private members and to private clubs. Long story short it’s a different kind of atmosphere. I like the lively atmosphere that you guys provide.”

Stoebner is also a grandpa.

“I have a two and a half year-old granddaughter that I love spending time with and another one on the way,” Stoebner said.


Shawna Heathcote

Shawna Heathcote has been serving up lunch to students since 2003. At home, her favorite meal to make is lasagna and she loves being outdoors.

“I like to camp and fish and go four-wheeling. We [Lunch staff] are outdoorsy people,” Heathcote said.

Heathcote is excited to serve students tetrazzini, a new pasta dish in the kitchen.

Heathcote loves meeting and conversing with new students.

“I’m very outgoing, so I like to talk to the kids and I want them to feel comfortable coming to me,” Heathcote said.


Kevin Lone 

Kevin Lone is the new guy in the kitchen. He enjoys working out, specifically running and biking. Lone’s favorite meals to make at home come from the grill and when he is on the job he likes helping students make walking tacos. Lone likes to stay busy both on and off the job.

“I like to do home improvement projects. I’m kind of handy,” Lone said.

When asked why he decided to come to JHS, Lone replied, “I grew up in the restaurant industry. My parents owned a restaurant so I just, was looking for a job in school lunch because my dad does that also. Just looked around and this is one I found that I thought I’d like the most.”


Debbie Hanauer

Debbie Hanauer has been putting out meals for students at JHS since 2009. Hanauer’s favorite meal to cook is any type of pasta.

“Pasta with all different kinds of sauces. Alfredo, goulash, any of them, any different ones. Deer meat, sausage, hamburger,” Hanauer said. 

So, it is no surprise that her favorite day at JHS is pasta day, especially if tetrazzini is on the menu. She enjoys talking to students from behind the counter at A la carte and passing out fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

Hanauer also has a love for animals and nature. When asked what her favorite animal was, Hanauer said, “I have too many. I like all of them. At the zoo, a giraffe!”

Hanauer likes to take it easy when she is off the clock.

“I like to fish. Take my dog out to the farm and fish the farm ponds,” Hanauer said.