Marines challenge students with pull-ups


Students line up to attempt to do as many pull ups as they can.

Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

Sergeant Jake A. Grebe came back to the high school with the pull-up challenge on Sep. 14

“I’ve been to the old building before, but this one is definitely better.”, Grebe said. “The students have been really nice, and I haven’t seen any disrespect.”

Grebe is a marine that comes to schools to recruit students who are interested in the military. He gives out information about being a marine and answers questions that students may have. Students go to take stickers and flyers that were on the table.

“The Conversation is usually initiated with telephone calls. Then we do things like coming to schools  and the pull-up bar.”, Grebe said. “People usually come up to us if they are interested.”

For students that missed the challenge, the comes to the building 12 to 15 times per year.