Mi Gente

Beyoncé was featured in a remixed version of the song. Picture provided by Wikipedia.

Beyoncé was featured in a remixed version of the song. Picture provided by Wikipedia.

Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

Whenever a song can pull off “chill”, and “hype” at the same time, it automatically gets some extra props. It’s a good way to give people something the same and different at the same time. So, when I heard “Mi Gente”, by J Balvin and Willy William, I was very interested.

By far the instrumentals are the thing that draws you in. Mostly because of the changes in rhythms. It never stays the same for too long, and always nails the parts when the vocals are not present. There are different sounds ranging from the usual bass you hear in pop songs, to bells, and other synths. So, the song already has an advantage over songs that use the same backbeat constantly. Finally, the horn allows for a relaxed but engaging listen. The notes the horn plays are not too accented, and the duration of notes give variety and emphasis on the dance feel of the song. With this combination of the rhythms and the horn, it’s impossible not to feel enticed to listen in and dance.

The horn that plays throughout the whole song gives off a decently catchy melody, but the same cannot be said for the vocals. Some songs can pull off an unchanging line, but it only works when the vocals match instrumentals or explore it. The vocals, while definitely not bad on their own, do neither of these things. The singing is not lackluster, it just doesn’t go anywhere. Since the verse’s notes don’t move around a lot, it feels like more of an everyday conversation for the verses, instead of the story being told. If the vocals were a bit more adventurous with tone and notes the song would have had it all.

When it comes to the lyrics, not only is it fun to try and understand if you know a bit of Spanish, when you learn the translation the song becomes a lot better. The song talks about being entertained by music that makes you move like the music itself; powerfully. About music that isn’t just for one group of people. It’s for anyone who just wants to have a good time. Simple, and straightforward. Which allows people who are not into the music of a language they don’t understand, to feel more comfortable. Deep lyrics are always a nice surprise, but it would have felt jarring in a song with such a laidback tone.

Even with its issues involving vocals, the overall song is still very easy to get into. So, it definitely succeeded in its main goal. For those who are trying to step out of their comfort zone with music, this is a great place to start. For these reasons, I give this song a 3.5 out of  5. Here’s hoping that this will encourage people to break down the “language barrier”, and not be afraid to enjoy all kinds of music.