My music suggestions


Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

I just wrote a column a couple weeks ago about respecting musical tastes and what people like to listen to. I’d like to take this one and recommend music that I fill my life with and hope that you all recommend some to me so I can expand my iTunes library, with no unnecessary and condescending comments about the music being shared (see my “Don’t hate on taste” column for more info on how not to be trash about music).

  • Milky Chance

You may recognize their song, “Stolen Dance,” from the radio. Their lead singer Clemens Rehbein has a very unique voice that is addicting to listen to. They are described as a German folk band, but there is definitely reggae mixed in there. It’s very relaxing to listen to and I love them very much.

  • Motion City Soundtrack

Of course I am going to talk about Motion City Soundtrack. They are my absolute favorite band. I could talk for hours about them, but I’ll try to keep this brief. Lead singer Justin Pierre has a higher voice that somehow avoids being annoying after two songs. They have a fun pop/punk feel with some alternative thrown in. They experiment with using a synthesizer to make a cool musical background to Pierre’s beautiful voice. Please listen to them, beginning with their songs “Everything is Alright” and “Son of a Gun.”

  • Angels and Airwaves

If you like the Blink-182 album “Neighborhoods,” you will like Angels and Airwaves. Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 is their lead singer and he created a spacey-rock type sound. Their songs have long instrumentals and melodies that I find to be perfect for studying.

  • Farewell Continental

If you like the sound of the 90’s, listen to Farewell Continental. The lead singer of Motion City Soundtrack created this band to make messy but passionate music that is for some reason enjoyable. It sounds like those first CD’s that bands release before they know how to be a band. It’s wonderful.

  • Two Door Cinema Club

My friend introduced me to Two Door Cinema Club during junior year saying they were “like Arctic Monkeys but more upbeat.” I’m not sure how true that is, but they are awesome nonetheless. Frontman Alex Trimble has a soft voice that is addicting to listen to. Their music is unique and interesting, which is perfect for a rainy day or an indie adventure with your friends.

  • Vance Joy

Everybody has heard “Riptide,” but if not, please listen immediately. His voice is amazing and the general feel of the album makes me want to go on vacation to some beach somewhere. He’s one of the only musicians that can be popular with a ukulele. I am hooked.

So that’s my music library. Feel free to share with me what you’ve been listening to lately and I’ll see you next week.