Mystery surrounding Oldham’s new uniform


Carly Kinning

AP Chemistry teacher Dave Oldham plays his drum in the journalism lab as he announces that senior Anne Rogers is the Iowa Journalist of the Year.

Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

Every three years for spring break, band director Patrick Kearney takes the whole band on a trip to Orlando, FL. This year the band will leave March 12. In support of sending them off, science teacher Dave Oldham wore a marching band uniform March 11 and was sighted wearing the jacket and hat as well as a snare drum during portions of the day.

There are multiple versions of the story that have been brought to light. According to Oldham, junior Brogan Kearney made him email his father, Patrick Kearney, and obtain the uniform. “Brogan said, ‘My dad’s not doing anything right now, so email him’,” Oldham said.

Brogan passed it off as more of a suggestion. “We got talking about the trip and Oldham and I thought it would entertaining if he wore a band uniform as a ‘send off’ to the band,” Brogan said. “So Oldham emailed Mr. Kearney about that and asked if he could.”

Patrick Kearney has a different story. “Mr. Oldham may possibly be a kleptomaniac,” Patrick said. “He broke into the band room early this morning and when I went in to see where he went he was gone, as was a band uniform. I think it’s possible that he has a real problem.”

The theme of Oldham being mentally disturbed is a common idea among band members. “I appreciate Oldham’s enthusiastic support of the band program, but feel it is not unwarranted to question his psychological health,” senior Katie Breeden said. “The hats are made to be uncomfortable.”

Oldham confirms the discomfort of the uniform. “It’s brutal,” Oldham said. “I’m sweating under here. You can’t see it but I’m sweating through this thing.”

Regardless of the story behind the uniform, it has been a popular event among students. “I think it’s awesome that he is supporting the band like that and he should totally be included in next years marching band show,” junior Heather Krejci-Clark said.

The band will be back in time for class March 23 and Oldham is now taking suggestions for what he should wear for that occasion.