New Cases Are A Flop

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

On the first day of school, all the students in the building received new iPads along with new cases to accompany them.

When my advisory teacher pulled out the purple monstrosities, practically everyone in the room groaned. The case has a bright purple lining with a clear backing, and large holes where you can clearly see the screws where the case attaches. They are ugly and childish. The case does not have a stylus holder, and though it does come with a detachable stand, the stand makes so much noise when assembling it that I am afraid to use it. I can imagine myself in taking a test in class and finishing early. I grab my iPad to catch up on homework for something else, and pop out the stand. The sound the stand makes catches everyone’s attention and disturbs the kids taking the test.

Frustrated with the weak and unappealing look of the case, I took it upon myself to research the company they came from, called Rug-Ed. The company’s website is extremely well structured and easy to use. They have one case listed similar to the ones we received but they are black and come with a handle. The website explains that the purple lining is a shock absorbing material, and the screws you see are to prevent tampering like removing the iPad from the case. Rug-Ed works with many schools, and grants a warranty for schools when they buy the cases in bulk.

Keeping in mind that the company is known for full-proof cases, I think I am willing to over look the childish look of the case. There are many downsides like the missing stylus holder and loud stand, that I will have to get use to but the only way to know how the new cases will fare in the Johnston High School is time.