NHS Carnations


Teja Jetty

A group of carnations and notes are waiting to be received by a teacher.

Teja Jetty, Staff Writer

Every year around Homecoming and Valentine’s Day, National Honor Society begins selling carnations. National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that helps students commit to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and other elements. Every semester, each NHS chapter has several committees that needs money for things such as community service or any other event they may hold. Each member also has some membership fees. That is where the carnation fundraiser becomes important. All the money raised by this carnation fundraiser goes to the NHS chapter fund which they can use to help people. Each member has a packet of carnation slips that can be purchased for a dollar each. The names of the intended carnation recipient as well as the advisory teacher of the recipient are written on the slip. After a few days, all the advisory teachers will hand students any carnations that have been purchased for them.