Oh Decisions, Decisions

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Editor-in-Chief

Girls are stereotyped as not being great at making decisions. People always are saying that we are indecisive and can never make up our minds. Especially when it comes down to what food we want to eat. Unfortunately I think I fall into that category.

When I have big decisions to make typically I make my mind up pretty well. I stand by my answers and don’t really wavier at all. There have only been a few decisions like this in my life as I am only a teenager. However when it is small decisions like what to eat, what to buy, what to read, what to watch and etcetera I can never make a decision.

In the situations where I cannot make up my mind it is typically because I am going back and forth between two options. I can easily narrow lists down but when it comes to the final decision it always takes forever. For example, if I am trying to narrow down hat to eat and I decide on like nuggets or a burger I will spend 15 minutes deciding between those two options.

At Target the other day my mom and I were buying groceries when we walked past like a Christmas display with some quick gifts and I noticed a box of Harry Potter socks I liked. I picked them up and was really excited until I found out for the box it was 15 dollars. I started to debate on if I should buy them. I stood there for a few minutes and decided that I would walk back over later after we shopped for the rest of our necessary items.

After we got everything else we walked back over. I stood there another five minutes talking myself into buying them and then talking myself out of it until my mom finally made the ultimate decision that I could come back another day to get them if I really wanted them. And so I left without the socks. This whole ordeal probably took a good 20-25 minutes to make the actual decision and in the end it wasn’t even me who made the decision.

My decision making has become so bad that I have literally downloaded an app on my phone where you can type your options on the wheel and then spin the wheel to make the choice for you. However, get this, it took me a while to actually decide to download the app.

I have mentioned before that I feel I am good at making big decisions however as a high school senior the decision to decide on where I am going to college is coming up quick. And for whatever reason this big decision isn’t easy for me. I have applied to at least seven different places and all of them have accepted me and I have narrowed that list down but now I am stuck.

Unfortunately  this decision is not one that I can make by spinning a wheel. This decision paves the route for my future, and I do not know that I can make a decision of any college without having doubts.

My mind just is so jumbled with so many pros and cons that this decision is not going to happen anytime soon. My indecisiveness is wrecking havoc on my brain and this time I can’t use an app to get me out of it.