Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

Now we all have seen it, we have felt the awkwardness from being around it and yet it still happens. Public Displays of Affection, often referred to as PDA, is a common action that occurs in stereotypical high schools from movies and shows. I can say I see very little of it at Johnston, like the occasional hand-holding, a hug,  or the arm over the shoulder thing. However, as a sophomore with extremely unsocial friends I am a bit sheltered.

I know that more things then that happen though, as I hear from others about people seeing a kiss in the hall or canoodling in a cars, etc. So this is a little public service announcement for those PDA couples.You can make the people around you uncomfortable with your actions. Sometimes things are just better left for when you are in private. Just keep it PG when you are in public.

I looked into how others perceive PDA by asking around and doing some research. My findings show that there are two top opinions about PDA;ones similar to mine and ones that rival it, people who are with the thinking that it is unhealthy for a relationship if it is not openly affectionate. Thinking about this, I have decided there are levels of PDA. People making out in the hallway compared to holding hands seems absurd to be considered the same degree. I agree that is is okay to show some affection for each other. It just depends on the way that affection is portrayed.

Again as I said, just read the people and environment around you before you do something. Keep it PG and child friendly, otherwise you will make the people around you uncomfortable. Be considerate.