Period Packs

Abigail Wharton, Staff Writer

Period packs are being provided to students who need menstrual products at school. They are makeup or ziplock bags containing pads, liners, and tampons. They can be found in classrooms around the building and in the counseling office. Ms. Love, who started the program, says, “Anyone can grab a bag … no questions asked.” All teachers ask is that you return the bags so that they can be reused for the next person.

Love got the idea from a teacher on TikTok last year and wanted to implement the idea in her own classroom. She purchased the supplies herself last year, but when the program expanded this year, she received a PTO grant. She would like to further expand the program into restrooms where you currently have to pay a quarter for tampons or pads. She says, “It’s something we have to have. It’s a necessity.” For now, you can scan the QR codes in the women’s restrooms or in the classrooms where packs are located if you are in need of supplies for the weekend

Periods can be difficult to experience and cause many inconveniences. There is no shame in seeking emotional, financial support or even just talking about them. “I think that we should talk about periods,” said Love. “It’s part of human nature.” Read more here: Periods – Not the Punctuation Mark.  

Period pack locations: Coleman Room 207, Counseling Office, Crowley Room 622, Gable Room 209, Kozelka Room 111, Library, Robinson Room 411, Siewert Room 523, Woodin Room 220