“Pulling Faces,” anxieties of a washed up celebrity

(Warning, this article may contain spoilers)

Photo provided by bigfinish.com

Photo provided by bigfinish.com

Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

Joanne Taylor was once a TV diva, adored by millions through her works on TV.

Now at 55, Joanne struggles to rise back to the top, with her arch nemesis stealing her roles, her agent Sebastian threatening to drop her, and the rest of the celebrity population finding ways to remain young.

Joanne’s anxiety builds up, bringing in all the doubts and fears from years past, making the idea of a facelift seem more appealing.

Though her daughter and friends tell her that she’s still beautiful, Joanne can’t help but notice every little flaw, driving her to make a decision that could change everything for her.

In pop culture, we see celebrities of all ages getting nose jobs, implants, and anything to remain young and attractive, leading to the controversy of how that affects audiences.

Pulling Faces tackles this head-on, utilizing both comedic and tragic methods of storytelling. We get to see the world as Joanne sees it, and how the regrets that have built up over time drive her to decisions in an attempt to get her life back on track.

I feel like it’s a story that all listeners can relate to, though it may not be for fame, many people try to better themselves in the wrong ways, and Pulling Faces helps to explain the mindset of those facing similar problems, giving it a 4 out of 5.