Purchase choir event tickets online


Kate Lichter

The dates and availability of tickets is first shown on this page. As of noon on the 25, tickets can only be bought at the event.

Kate Lichter, Staff Writer

Junior Emma Thayer did not need to be 30 minutes early to the musical, Into the Woods, to buy her tickets. Now at the click of the mouse she can choose which seats she would like from the comfort of her own home.

“I had to make sure I got there earlier enough to get the tickets (last year),” Thayer said. She had the chance to choose her seats instead of picking from the minimum at the event entrance. The only draw back to the system was that she was unable to buy the tickets from the iPad and had to use a computer.

Instead of going to the accounting office and waiting in a line, tickets can be bought from home. Seats are shown either available or unavailable on a floor plan of the auditorium seating and can be reserved by selecting them.

Parents can also have the benefit to purchase tickets online.

“The main benefit is convenience for the parents,” accounting secretary Sharon Von Hagen said. “They don’t have to make the trip to get the tickets.”

This online site for tickets might not only apply to musicals, the district is also thinking of using it for athletic events.

“We’re looking at possibly expanding the program and using it in different areas,” Von Hagen said. The ticket line during football games is normally a long wait but the option to buy tickets online would shrink the line and the spectators would not miss any of the action. It also allows parents from opposing schools to purchase tickets to athletic events in the Johnston district.

The district has wanted to start the online tickets for three years, taking the time to look at three different companies to go through. The decision ended up being RevTrak because it is already an option for parents to use when signing up their student for school. Each ticket sold costs the school 50 cents from the ticket, less than what the other companies charged.

Into the Woods was second time the district used the technology, the first time being show choir’s year-end show. The year-end show sold 677 tickets online. Into the Woods was the first time reserving seats.