Q&A with your local hijabi


Photo Courtesy of Parul Srivastava

Obsee Abbajabal, Print Editor

After encountering many obscure questions from the people of JHS about the “thingy” on my head, I’ve decided to answer all of them. Before continuing, please keep in mind that these are all questions asked by real people.  

Q: What is it called? How do you pronounce it?

Hijab (he-jab). Not high-jab not low-jab. HE-JAB. Headscarf is also acceptable.


Q: Do you shower in it?

…No…I….like…wash my hijabs in the laundry machines. Why…would I-?…Never mind. Do you wear your clothes in the shower? I just do not understand why someone would ask me this question but whatever.


Q: Do you sleep in it?

That sounds uncomfortable.

Q: Do you take it off?

I only wear the hijab in public places. When I get home though I do not wear it because I am just with my family. The only time I would wear my hijab in the house is if a guest comes over…or my head is cold.

Q: How many of those do you have?

One time I counted and it was like over 100 but that number has definitely increased. I do not really have the time to recount them all.

Q: Do you match your outfit to your hijab or your hijab to your outfit?

My morning routine consists of me picking out an pants and a shirt that match. Then, after I have chosen what I want to wear, I sift through my hijab and find one that matches my outfit.

Q: Are you forced to wear it?

This is a serious question that needs to be addressed. No, I was not forced to wear the hijab. It was my choice. However, there are many Muslim women in the western world that are forced NOT to wear it and many women in the Middle East that ARE forced to wear it. Lesson of the day, stop forcing women what to wear or not wear.

Q: How long have you been wearing it?

I started wearing it the start of 8th grade so that’s about 4 years now. This is really absurd for me to think about because pre-hijab Obsee just feels like a fever dream.

Q: What happens when someone accidentally sees you without your hijab?

I am forced to marry them. JUST KIDDING. It is just a severely awkward experience for both parties. I mean it has not happened to me I am not talking from experience.

Q: Where do you get them?

There are a couple of Islamic clothing stores in the Des Moines area. Also, regular scarves at department stores work (as long as they are big enough to wrap around my head).

Q: How do you put them on?

A magician never reveals their secrets.

Q: Do you get hot in it?

Is the sky blue? Of course. When winter rolls around though I am THRIVING because my hijab keeps me warm.

Q: Do you have hair? What color is it?

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