Esmeralda Flores , Photo Editor

Starting with three hard strikes on a drum “Raspberry” by the indie rock band Grouplove, is one of my all time favorite songs. It’s a loud, high paced, hard hitting rock song that will keep you moving. What I would say that I enjoy the most of “Raspberry” is the lead singer, Sean Gadd’s voice. Though out the his voice sloops up and down which adds something different, that I don’t hear very much nowadays.

“Raspberry” is part of Grouplove’s 2013 “Spreading Rumors” album. It had¬†perfected the art of making catchy indie songs, within this album they were able to venture out of their usual norm. There is little concept here and is simply a good soundtrack for a hipster party.¬†Catchy and often shallow, which usually is the type of music that I don’t typically like…but with Spreading Rumors, the music is so well produced and infectious that you can’t help but jam to it.

“Raspberry” and just Grouplove in general will leave you with a feel good attitude and it all is so energetic. If you are an indie rock lover, or someone who listens to Foster the People, Passion Pit, or Cage the Elephant than you should most defiantly check out this song and band.