Remakes of the Decade


Avery Heun

90’s trends resurfacing today

Avery Heun, Staff Writer


The 2010s was filled with returning movies and entertainment. From movies to television, old classics were transformed to fit modern standards. Some remakes are good, such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Fuller House”, while others do not live up to their originals. 

In the past few years, Disney has made an attempt to remake their classic films into modern live-action movies. In 2017, a new “Beauty and the Beast” was created from the original movie. The new film was widely popular as it was very similar to the classic. The storyline remained the same and included new covers of the music. The visuals and costumes made the film fun and magical, original from any other movie. This remake was good because it followed the same story and not much has changed, while the music was refreshed and carried the film. 

In June 2019, “The Lion King” was remade into a live-action movie. This movie featured new music while the characters were altered into real animals. While the movie followed the same storyline, the new animals did not live up to the original characters. The animated characters could show more emotion making the film more fun, while the real animals turn the film into a documentary-like experience. The new characters destroyed the image of the original characters. 

This year, a sequel to Disney’s “Frozen” was released in November. The storyline picked up from where the last movie left off, with the same characters and setting. This movie was full of emotion and new music, leaving many viewers with tears by the end. The song “Into the Unknown” is an original from the movie that is now being covered by popular artists, such as Panic! At the Disco. This movie was enjoyable because its was not a remake. The story was original, with fun new twists and turns.



Popular fashion trends from the 80’s and 90’s have recently reappeared in this decade. From scrunchies to fanny packs, old trends have resurfaced into modern culture.

Scrunchies, a popular trend beginning in the 80’s, are resurfacing among young people today. The popular hair accessory died off around the early 2000’s, but are now a part of modern culture. This “remake” is good because of their many uses and versatility. They leave your hair undamaged, while having lots of variety in color and style. 

Fanny Packs, another popular accessory from the 80’s, have also resurfaced. While the accessory was strange at first, it now has gained wide popularity by many age groups. The return of the fanny pack is good because of the unique design and versatility. It provides useful storage in a convenient and fashionable manner. The fanny pack is original, and may have never died. 

Birkenstocks, a trendy type of sandals from the 60’s, have reappeared. Now, they are back for both men and women. The popular sandals are comfortable and supportive while having their own unique characteristics. They have the ability to be either dressy or casual, making them a trendy fashion statement. The return is widely accepted and loved by people of all ages and genders. 


Apps and Social Media

While apps are a modern form of technology, many apps have transformed into new social media. Older teen trends have become modernized, changing the names but keeping the original ideas. 

Mario Kart, a popular game created in 1992, was turned into an app in 2019. The app allows features from the original game to be on a fun cell phone app. Many people play the game at school or in between classes. This remake would be good, if the app was less glitchy and more user-friendly. The controls are hard to navigate and the app does not live up to the original game.

MySpace, a social media platform released in 2003, has recently shifted to Instagram. While the platform is still running, it has been replaced with Instagram by most teens. Instagram, owned by Facebook is the most frequently used social media application. While Instagram is not quite the same, it is the basic idea of MySpace and is used by most teens. This remake is good because it is easier to use and is more modern. Instagram is a simpler version of social media.

Vine, a social media platform created to make funny videos, has recently been replaced by a popular teen app called TikTok. The death of Vine in 2016 led to the birth of TikTok. TikTok is a form of social media where teens make funny videos and post them, hoping to become famous. While TikTok is not necessarily the same, the basic principles stand. This remake is good because it provides entertainment, as well as acceptance of others. Many teens make quirky and funny videos, that are most often accepted and liked by millions. The app teaches teens acceptance and kindness, helping many generations connect.