Bryce Schulte, Print Editor

As soon as I heard “Rewind” by Kelela from her new album “Hallucinogen” released Oct. 9, I instantly found it on iTunes, bought it and put it in my “Chill Zone” playlist. Literally, I have that. The album falls under the electronic genre on iTunes, which seems like an unfortunate loss because this song needs to be heard by more than the 300,000 people that have listened to its official audio on YouTube.

Like most electronic songs, the song’s rhythm is composed of beats and synthesizers from computers and lacks real instruments and there’s nothing wrong with that. To be honest, if this song didn’t have those parts of it, it wouldn’t work.

The thing I love most about this song is the simplicity in it. I see where the repetition in the beat could start to bug someone, or how the lack of a range in vocals could bore someone. However, I’m in love with this song. I could (and I do)┬álisten to “Rewind” over and over for days at a time. For me, this song is┬ápure genius.