Sarah Andreason; jeweler in the making

Shabana Gupta, Staff

Sarah Andreasen ’20 is interested in starting up a stand at the farmer’s market in the future. Andreason is able to make detailed jewelry with a minimal amount of time, and loves to create when she has free time.

Andreasen has been making jewelry seriously for 3 years. She first started out when her older sister, Ally Andreasen ’18, tried making jewelry but decided to move on to more musical ways of creativity.

Now, she spends what free time she has making bracelets, rings and pendents. “I give a lot of jewelry away to my grandma and my mom, and my sisters.” Andreasen said. “Normally for Christmas and other holidays.” She wants to increase the number of pieces she creates so her idea for a stand becomes practical.

There are multiple pieces that cover her desk, along with some of her tools. “I picked up a kit at Hobby Lobby and it had some instructions,” Andreasen said,” I just gave it a try.” She also has a gecko made out of wire and beads sitting above her desk with a collection of other decorations. Andreasen wants to learn how to do such a large piece with wire, but does not have the skill to create one with such detail as of yet.

Andreasen’s favorite medium is wire, specifically creating coils. Many of her pieces feature coiled wires as important pieces, even when there are other decorative elements, such as stones, that are added in.