School Board Opposes SSB 3080


Abigail Wharton, Staff Writer

On Monday February 21, the school board voted on Action Item XII.a, titled Approval of Resolution to Oppose SSB 3080, a bill that would allow for public funds to travel with students to private schools. The board voted in favor of the same resolution last year. This year, with three newly elected board members, the resolution passed again on a 4-3 vote. The board president and vice president were both in the yes majority. The recently elected board members Derek Tidball, Clint Evans, and Deb Davis all voted in opposition to the resolution. 

Board President Katie Fiala made a motion to approve the agenda. It was followed by a second and then comments.  Deb Davis opposed the resolution on the grounds that it wouldn’t lead to any progress. Superintendent Laura Kacer disagreed and said, “I am a firm believer in ‘public dollars need to stay with public schools.’” Alicia Clevenger expressed that it is her job to serve the students in our district, not around the state; therefore, she said she would do everything she can to keep funds in our public school system. 

During Tidball’s remarks about the resolution, he also stated, “I’d like to get some of you on the record about boys playing girls sports ( . . . ) It would really help me out in an election the next time I go through.” Soneeta Mangra-Dutcher responded, saying, “Transgender students participating in sports based on the gender that they identify with is not boys playing girls sports ( . . . ) That was very, very offensive for you to say that.”

The board meeting included a lot of discussion about the voucher program and how it would affect our district. There were strong opinions voiced on both sides. Contact your legislators here.