See you out on the Road


Tate Larsen

My second Marauder and its Greenlight model. Maybe someday it will run. If one looks closely, there is a bunny under it

Tate Larsen, Staff Writer

Every farmer in the Midwest has some rusty, old car in their yard or barn, but I have a 2004 Dark Toreador Red Marauder sitting in mine with a bunny living underneath it.

I bought it on Feb. 28, 2021, for $2,000 dollars. It does not run, so I have to get it running before my mom sells it while I am at work because she will have time being newly retired. The car will not run because it jumped timing meaning the car does not know when to open and close the valves for combustion and exhaust. My dad and I originally started tearing the engine down to fix it, but then we decided that we might want to buy an already running engine and just plop it in there. We found a motor in Mississippi, a Cobra Mustang intake which may not work in a Marauder now that I have done some research. 

The plan for the second Marauder is to get it running and make it my daily driver because the body has more miles than the black one I own, and I want to keep the miles off of it. 

The car is originally red but was repainted to the wrong red, so somewhere down the road I plan on getting it repainted dark toreador red. That will be quite a while as paint is expensive right now. I also have to get a new dash and radio to put in the car because part of it broke and the radio is missing. 

The interior needs some work, the center console needs reupholstered and behind the cup holders in the back there is a big hole in the leather, but that isn’t a priority seeing that it is hidden. Lastly, the car has a lot of dents down both rear quarter panels and one has a bondo on it, so I think I am going to need to get it replaced at some point and smooth out the other one to the best of my ability.

This is my last official column. My writing has become more refined. Researching all of these little details about Camaros and HP made me more insightful. I hope to keep writing stories on the internet for fun in my free time. Stay on the lookout for those so you can learn more about the machines that so many around the world love.

This summer I will be working on becoming a master electrician. In the meantime, I will be out driving the good, old Marauder. If you see me, do not be afraid to give a wave.