Senior Assassin ends with two Winners

Tatum Bremner, Staff Writer

During the month of May, many seniors take part in an organized water war lasting multiple weeks. Each senior is assigned a different participating senior “target” to ambush with water balloons, water guns, or even just buckets of water. They can sneak-attack their target anywhere besides graduation parties, church, and school property.
After achieving this goal, those remaining receive a new target and continue. This goes on until there is a winner, who receives a cash prize.
This event is called Senior Assassin. It is a student-run, non-affiliated with JCSD event that gains a lot of attention annually.
This year, the game ended unusually with two winners. Two finalists split the cash prize, each receiving 100 dollars. Finalists Kristin To and Laila Hasanovic were announced winners on May 21!
Those who are going to be seniors during the 2022-23 school year can look out for updates about Senior Assassin on Instagram @seniorassassin2 next April!